Enjoyed a closet consultation and now you’re ready to ~ahem~ take things to the next level with your Style Girlfriend stylist? With a personal shopping package, you can.

By now, you know: when you feel confident, it shows. But achieving that "I look g-o-o-o-o-d" wardrobe requires more than an impersonal clothes-in-a-box subscription or algorithm-driven fashion app. You're a man, not a machine, damnit.

For a busy guy who still wants a say in his style, you deserve the help of a real person. Someone who cares about finding the right clothes for your size, your style, and your budget. Someone who'll help you get back to the business of being you—handsome, stylish “I woke up like this” you—faster.

Choose from 3 or 6 hours (your stylist can help you decide what package is right for you) and start getting serious about your style today.

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