Life is complicated.

Looking good shouldn't be.

Whether you want to overhaul your wardrobe, or just need a few new things — save time, money, and a big ol’ headache by hiring Style Girlfriend to shop for you online.


Shopping is a pain, not to mention a huge time suck. As for those “free” styling services? You wind up looking like every other guy who uses them. So much for personal style.


What if it didn't have to be this way?

Receive personalized attention and a wardrobe that fits your budget and body type.



The benefits of letting Style Girlfriend shop for you:


We don’t carry products. We talk to you, then make online purchasing recommendations by searching all over the internet so you don’t have to. The result? You look like YOU, not everybody else.



Client fees cover our costs — not commission — so we’ll never try to up-sell you on stuff you don’t want or need just to make a buck. Oh, and we’ll always keep our eyes peeled for a good sale.



We’ve been sharing style advice for years. Now you can put our smarts to work for you — with a hyper-personalized shopping list that fits your budget, body type, and (duh) style.



We suggest what to buy. You pull the trigger. That means you’ll never be surprised by a styling service’s delivery you don’t like, or have to coordinate annoying returns.




Meet Your Personal Shoppers



Taylor has been writing and styling for Style Girlfriend for over three years. Based in NYC, Taylor loves an Old Fashioned, hates cupcakes.



Gabi hails from Philadelphia and now lives in San Francisco. She’s unabashedly Team “Pop of Color” when it comes to guys’ wardrobes.



+ What happens after I hit the “select” button?

Once you pay for your chosen package, we'll send you a link to book a Skype session with your shopper. You’ll also receive a questionnaire to fill out so we can learn all about you before our call. At the end of the process, you'll get a fully custom-to-you shopping strategy plan in your inbox.

+ I tried Trunk Club/Stitch Fix. How is Style Girlfriend different?

We hear from a lot of guys who have soured on styling services that advertise themselves as “free.” Why? Because their stylists sell you a bunch of full-price products you don’t even want or need, just so they can make their commission goals.

The result? Guys end up spending a ton, just to wind up looking like every other guy who uses the service. So much for personalized personal shopping.

Also… We don't like how these services talk down to guys! As if you’re totally lost when it comes to clothes, or that style is somehow un-manly to care about. We’re so tired of these outdated narratives, aren’t you?

Because you probably have great style...or at least, you’re on your way to great style! What you don’t have is time to search high and low for every single thing you want and need for your wardrobe. That’s why it’s a huge help for someone take your vision and run with it. Let someone else do the shopping leg work for you.

Look, paying for a trainer doesn’t mean you’re helpless at the gym, and buying Blue Apron doesn’t mean you’re a terrible cook. It means you know that outsourcing some of the hard work can help you get the results you want way, way faster.

+ Who will be shopping for me?

Two long-time members of Team SG, Taylor and Gabi, are heading up our shopping service. They’ve been writing and styling for years, and they can take your needs and turn them into a wardrobe that perfectly suits you, no matter your personals style.

+ How much communication do I have with my shopper?

You will talk to your shopper face-to-face (over Skype, anyway) as well as fill out a questionnaire about your wardrobe needs. once she sends you your shopping plan, you can email with follow-up questions as needed.

+ How long do I have to use the package?

We ask that you book your Skype session within 2-4 weeks of purchasing.

+ How long does the process take?

About a week, once you book your session. After you fill your shopper in on style preferences and wardrobe considerations, she’ll take about 3-4 days to get back to you with your shopping plan. Ask any questions about it then get to shopping!

+ Can I ask for this as a gift?

Sure! Tell your loved ones if you want the Refresh or the Reboot, and we’ll take it from there.

+ Do you work with all budgets?

Absolutely. We work with guys shopping at all different price points. Our goal is to help you achieve the wardrobe that makes you look and feel your best…not break your budget.

+ My body is shaped like [a bowling ball / a bowling pin / those inflatable bumper lanes]. Will your team find clothes that are right for me?

YES! We understand that every guy is different, and we’ve learned plenty about the best clothes for different body types (and budgets!) over the years. With this new service, we’re putting that knowledge to work for you. Meaning? You can expect truly personalized support.

+ What if I have more questions?

You’ll have 5-7 days to follow up with your shopper with questions to make sure we’ve found you exactly what you want and need.

+ Do I really need this?

Hmm, do you need to pay for Blue Apron instead of going to the grocery store, figuring out what a leek looks like, buying a bunch of spices I’ll never use again, lug everything home, and then cook it? No. But for a lot of people, the convenience is worth the price.

Think of SG the same way. We do the hard work and you get to eat seared chicken over couscous on the couch without having to put pants on. Or something like that.

+ Can you shop with me in-person?

You can inquire about in-person sessions in NYC by emailing us at